10 Affirmations That Will Shift Your Energy

That will shift your life.

You, me, and almost everybody in the 21st century has heard of them. But if you’ve never tried them before the idea can seem awkward. It’s my personal belief that our self-talk (that voice inside your head that has constant conversations with you throughout the day) is programming ourselves for our statements to become true. Have you ever had a fear, whether it be that you’re going to get sick, or have a terrible first day of school or work and your mom will say “quit thinking those things because then they will happen.” Well it’s because some of us believe that what we put out into the universe even if we don’t physically say it out loud, will actually come back and happen to us. 

It’s my belief that our self-talk is programming ourselves for our statements to be true.

On average we have almost 30,000 thoughts in one singular day. Most of these thoughts are fleeting and uncontrolled and sometimes you don’t even realize they are happening because it’s so natural. Whether we recognize it or not, some of these thoughts can affect our mental heath, the way we choose to live, and every decision we make on a daily basis. Taking control of our thought life will result in a healthier mind frame and a better version of us.

Here are a few helpful things I say when I am trying to take control of my thoughts. We are all subject to bad days, but it doesnt mean we have to live in those negative thought frames.

  1. I am doing better than I think I am – We all have a tendency to be hard on ourselves considering we are our own worst critics. In some cases this can cause us to believe we are doing worse than we are in reality. Let’s try to reroute our thinking from focusing on our failures to paying attention to all of our wins.
  2. There are more people for me than against me – It is so easy to focus our attention on the people who are against us and forget about all of those who are in our corner. Next time you learn of someone who is against you, remember all of the people who are in your life who truly want the best for you.
  3. There is purpose in my pain – Circumstances we have to face are catalysts in our growth. We must remind ourselves that there is a purpose in our pain and experiences. We will overcome them and because of the work we did to overcome it will make us stronger and a better person in the long run.
  4. I will focus on being present over perfect –  Let’s be honest – no one is perfect. Let’s focus on the beauty of the present moment and stop trying to perfect every aspect of your life. There is room for mistakes and growth that is the beauty of it all.
  5. I look good!! I look beautiful!! I look SEXY! – Which ever word you want to use to describe your endless beauty, SCREAM it at the top of your lungs, but most importantly; believe it. There is only one you and you are beautiful. 


When shifting your mindset there is a strategy that works the best for our team at Flourish Health. Try it and let us know what you think.

  • When you write it, the magic begins.
  • After you write, you can start reading it.
  • When you start reading it, you’ll be able to start saying it.
  • When you start saying it, you start hearing it.
  • When you start hearing it, you start believing it.
  • When you start believing it, things begin to change.
  • When things begin to change, you will understand. And believe.
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