4 Hidden Reasons Why We're Not Losing Belly Fat

Physical form is not just a direct result of what we put into our bodies and the exercises we do – it is also affect by our thoughts and beliefs and the tension we carry on a day-to-day basis.

Our physical form is not just a direct result of what we put into our bodies and the exercises we do – it is also affected by our thought and beliefs and the tension we carry both energetically and physically on a day-to-day basis. While we might be hyper-focused on trying to work on so-called “problem areas” like the belly, why is it that often we don’t see the results we want? The reason belly fat can be so hard to lose it because it requires a shift in focus from the usual routine of starving yourself and doing crunches or planks to a more evolved version of the mind-body connection that helps us shred stress and emotional baggage, release toxins, and cleanse and rejuvenate the body from the inside out. 

The body responds to ‘issues in the tissues’- in other words, we hold emotion in our bodies 

In other words, the reason you aren’t losing that belly fat is because there’s a lot more to belly fat than meets the eye which means we need to think about it in a new way. Lets start with the way the environment and your emotions impact your body, to reframing your connection to your deep core, and also-in many cases-forgetting what you know about exercise.

Key ways to ditch that extra belly fat

Stress and Emotional Baggage- When we’re stressed out, our body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol forces immature fat cells to become mature (not that immature, or “baby,” fat cells lurk in the walls of the blood vessels that nourish fatty tissue, just waiting for excess calories to help them grow into the adult monsters responsible for packing on the extra pounds). These cells are often centred around belly which leads to belly fat. In time of high stress, cortisol is also like the devil on your shoulder, causing you to reach for not-so-good foods that are high in sugar or refined grains. When you eat sugar or refined grains-which turn into sugar-with spiked cortisol levels, you experience a sensation that tricks you into thinking you have found temporary relief from the stress you are experiencing. 

Chronic stress has been called “the silent killer” because it causes inflammation and compromises the immune system, leading to some of the most chronic and persistent disease, including obesity. Many of us are stressed about relationships, money, work, forcing our adrenals to work overtime causing our systems to become sluggish and ran down by toxins and blocked energy. 

The pelvic floor is also an area where the body holds stress, which can cause major tension or misalignment in the hips, pelvis and spine and that disconnects from our deep core, creating compression in the body and making belly fat more prominent.

The good news is that we can shift our perspective and channel the energy we’ve been dedication toward stress in an entirely different, more joyful, and more beneficial direction. When we are in an optimal, balanced state our bodies kick into rest and digest mode, which I believe is the fountain of youth. 

Practise Good Sleep Hygiene – You might be wondering what sleep has to do with belly fat and the answer is A LOT. Sleep is nutrition fro the brain and not getting enough triggers a cortisol spike, which makes your body more susceptible to holding on too fat. In fact, sleep is just as beneficial (and vital) as diet and exercise when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Research has shown that lack of sleep can have an enormous impact on the body as sleep influences the body’s neuroendocrine function and glucose metabolism. Without a good night’s sleep, this influence can lead to increased cortisol (there’s that stress hormone again!), decreased glucose tolerance, as well as increased hunger and appetite. All of this can lead to belly fat. 

Make Fat Flushing Food Choices – Two other bodily systems that play a role in how much fat we store on our bodies are our digestive and lymphatic systems. And these systems are largely affected by diet-so choosing healthy, ‘high vibrations’ foods are a must. One reason why you might be stuck with some stubborn belly fat is because you are eating too many processed foods and not enough fibre and antioxidant-rich foods. Even if your diet seems healthy, those healthy packaged snacks are hardly doing anything to help your cause, especially if they contain refined grains or sugars. Swapping out the bad stuff for natural foods – such as fruits, veggies, and whole grains – can actually have a reverse effect as they are anti-inflammatory and may even help prevent belly fat in the first place.

Forget What You Know About Exercise – Choose quality over quantity when it comes to building a strong confident body. Moving with integrity – in other words moving with awareness and mindfulness as you work out – is very important no matter what your health goals might be. But you don’t have to overdo it to get the results you want. The nest workouts for ditching belly fat are ones that are gentle yet effective with a focus on a deeper layers of the core, pelvic core and creating space in your waist area the helps improve digestion and overall body detoxification. Instead of logging miles on a treadmill, ditch your sneakers and have some fun on a rebounder or with a jump rope – both being 50% more effective at burning fat than running.



Getting rid of belly fat is all about a shift in perspective and awareness – and sometimes forgetting more of what you thought you knew about belly fat and Abs.

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