Your Starter Guide to Food as Medicine

Good nutrition and what you put into your body is the foundation of good health.

Healing from the inside out is multidimensional. It means something entirely different for each of us. For many, it’s crucial to have Western Medicine. For others, it’s in herbs, movement, and rest. For sure, we all need to eat, but we can choose to eat medicinally. If food has the power to prevent much of the chronic illness we experience today, then it makes sense to alter our diets to use it to our advantage to heal and restore the body but also to prevent illness. Although taking pharmaceutical drugs for aliments may be useful, they often come with short-and long-term effects and contribute to our bodies’ toxic build-up. In contrast, medications can be necessary for life-threatening situations. If long term conditions can be managed with diet and lifestyle changes, then using food as medicine must be considered an initial way of tackling the issue and preventing future health problems.

Being healthy means outing the right duel into your body and having your internal engine run smoothly. Every meal that you consume influences how you feel one way or another, so the most nutritious foods you choose, the healthier you will be. Whole foods act as a medicine to help protect your body and give the immune system a break from dealing with toxins, preservatives, additives, and chemicals that are included in so many of today’s processed foods.

“Let food be thy medicine,
and let the medicine be thy food.”

The earth has supplied us with a renewable source of wisdom and medicine to nurture and lovingly prepare as often as possible if we choose to do so. Medicinal food is rich in nutrients that promote a healthy immune system and protect my body from pathogenic infections. The reason I say ‘my body’ is because each of us is different. This is the truth about all thing’s wellness. Not all herbs, vitamins, supplements, food, exercises, and remedies are right for everyone at any given time. It’s mostly intuitive, and it takes studying and tuning into what our bodies require. When it comes to boosting our body’s natural immune response and strength, you are encouraged to be aware that although supplementing can be crucial in many circumstances, getting your vital nutrients from food will serve the most medicinal purposes. Some necessary vitamins are apparent, like vitamins C and D, but it’s easy to overlook other crucial nutrients, like the trace minerals zinc and selenium. Here is a list of foods that best support these health-boosting efforts:

Vitamin C – It is a powerful antioxidant, as well as a building block of collagen. It’s crucial for bone health and immune strength. Examples: Kale, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Lemons, Oranges, Strawberries.

Vitamin D – Helps us regulate calcium and phosphorus, so it’s a vital component of healthy bones, teeth, hair, and nails. It also builds our resistance against certain diseases. Studies even show it is essential for our mood and mental well-being, warding off depression. Examples: Tofu, Fatty fish, Mushrooms.

Trace Mineral Zinc – Zinc is essential for immune and metabolism function, as well as helping us maintain proper skin health. Examples: Chickpeas, Lentils, Almonds, Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Kidney beans.

Trace Mineral Selenium – Selenium is also a superhero antioxidant and fights against early signs of aging. It’s essential for heart health, thyroid health, and some studies even note it can potentially prevent cognitive decline. Examples: Whole-wheat pasta, Oats – all varieties, Sesame seeds, Shiitake mushrooms. 

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